Shopping In Cyprus

The one thing that all holidaymakers cannot resist is shopping, and they certainly won't be disappointed with what Cyprus has to offer. The government actively supports the local crafts industry to ensure that old crafts are preserved. Cypriot lacework is of the highest quality and in an off white colour.

Locally produced items on the island offer you the best value for your money. There are literally hundreds of shops, stalls and outlets marketing a range of handicrafts, which include carved wood items, silverware and lace. Look out for shops that are members of the Cyprus Handicraft Service. This is a government-run venture through which local artisans display their goods. If you're looking for genuine Cypriot crafts that are not mass-produced then these are the shops to visit.

Look out for highly decorative tablecloths, doilies, place mats and dressing table sets. Cyprus pottery also makes a popular gift, with lots of attractive pots in all shapes and sizes.
Shopping In Cyprus

Modern shops, large supermarkets, trendy boutiques all abound in every town and yet, just around the corner, you will find the old, traditional markets selling everything from local produce, fish and hand made sausages to a 'Komboloi', the worry beads made in every material imaginable.
In Paphos there is the weekly market on a Saturday morning, and as well as the usual holiday souvenirs there is a very colourful vegetable market where the farmers bring their produce to the market and get their wives to sell it for them. From the old to the new, Cyprus has it all.

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