Holiday Beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes has many great sandy beaches stretching across the island. On the South Eastern side you will find Kallithea, Afandou, Tsambika, Vlycha, Lindos, Lardos and Gennadi. On the North Western side from the town of Rhodes there are the resorts of Ixia, Mandriko and Skala Kameirou all of which have large beaches.


If sandy beaches are what you like then you have come to the right place, Rhodes is known for having the best beaches in the Mediterranean. From swimming the clear blue sea to a relaxing time in the sand, Rhodes has it all!

Afandou Beach

Families with ice-boxes and folding chairs, couples with tents, Brits with their hot dogs and beers at the canteen, young people racing their jet-skis, locals coming down to Avanti for fish. There is ample room for them all on the huge beach at Afandou, and no one feels crowded. A sandy beach with some pebbles, and sea that deepens quite abruptly. Some sections of the beach are commercially organised while others are not. Among the foreigners this is a favourite spot with Brits and Germans. There is a small number of small restaurants, beach sports centres and fish tavernas. On the coast road you will also find the Rhodes golf course.

Pefkos Beach

Pefkos is a well known beach resort, south of Rhodes Town, located on eastern coast, just a few kilometers south of Lindos,  Pefkos was once known as a fisherman's hamlet located along the coastal road that connects the villages of Lindos and Lardos.  Originally Pefkos was mainly used as a summer temporary residence for those who lived further inland but grew crops such as grapes, olives, tomatoes, figs and corn.

The main Pefkos beach is a pure sand beach with many water sports and other activities, and is a Blue Flag awarded beach for 2008. The beach is busy with tourists during the day with several restaurants, cafes and bars on the waterfront. Pedalos, speed-boats and jet-skis are also available to rent on the beach. The resort is set against a hill which is surrounded by pine trees from which the town gets its name.

Anthony Quinn Beach

Natural stone surfaces ideal for reclining under the sun, pine trees reaching down to the water's edge, emerald green water - Anthony Quinn certainly showed impeccable taste when he fell in love with its miniature bay. The beach is known today by the actor's name since he bought this part of the island when filming "The Guns of Navarone" here.
The waters owe their deep emerald colour to the kush green vegetation which surrounds the beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes. It's mostly popular with young people - especially Italians - since the sharp rocks both in and out of the water are not ideal for families with young children or elderly people. You will find people here only in July and August - during the rest of the year the water is so much too cold for most people.

Lardos Beach

Lardos beach is another one of the most remarkable  in Rhodes, having been  awarded with the European Blue Flag. The beach is situated on the southeastern coast of the Rhodes Island, in the peaceful bay of Lardos, after Pefkos village, 65 km from the Rhodes Town and very close to the popular Lindos beaches and village.

A relatively new resort for clients, the sand and pebbled beach of Lardos has most things for a day’s activities. You can lay on a sun bed and work on your tan, admire the beautiful sea scenery, swim in the crystal clear blue waters, or try your hand at the water sports, generously displayed at the Lardos beach.

There are many beach tavernas to invite you for a refreshing drink and a quick traditional Greek snack. Grab an ice-coffee and relax watching the idyllic atmosphere of the waves caressing the beautiful Lardos beach. Although the road does not run along the shoreline, it is possible to walk along the beach to take advantage of all the restaurants and bars.

Lindos Beach

Lindos has three very popular beaches within walking distance from the town. Due to their popularity the beaches tend to get crowded and they are packed with sun beds and parasols for rent. Walking down to the beach is a pleasant affair, but the ascent back up the hill towards the town can be difficult. There are many hotels, along the beach where lunch and dinner can be taken.

Haraki Beach

The sight of children searching for shells among the pebbles, couples gazing out to sea from the alconies of their rented rooms, sun-burned mothers wheeling push-chairs up and down - this attractive little bay definetly offers a family atmosphere. It is mainly visited by tourists renting rooms nearby, but families of local people also come out with their umbrellas and settle themselves on the no-charge section in the centre of the beach. The right-hand side of the beach has large pebbles, while to the left there is sand.
If you choose to swim at the far right end of the beach you will have a good view of the Feraklos castle. Along the promenade with the rented rooms there are mini-markets, cafes, and a foreign press agency.

Tsambika Beach

Tsambika (or Tsampika) is one of the most beautiful beaches on Rhodes. A long, broad beach with fine, golden sand and dozens of colourful little flags marking out the various eating establishments and beach sports centre. Apart from these, and a mini-market next to the bus stop, there is absolutely nothing else here - nothing except crowds of people of all ages and nationalities, who come to swim in the emerald crystal-clear water and admire the imposing rock with the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsambika (or Tsampika), from which the beach has taken its name. The virgin of Tsampika is said to work miracles and young woman having diffi culty in conceiving often pray for her aid. If their prayers are answered, they name the child after the Virgin.

Prassonisi Beach

To reach Prasonisi you will have to drive all the way to the most south part of the island. Just after Katavia, turn left (there are signs to guide you) and after a few kilometers more driving, and from the top of a hill, Prasonisi comes into sight: waves to the right, calm sea and shelter from the wind to the left - and surfers everywhere!
It is one of the most impressive beaches on the island. Two sandy coves ending in an island that you can reach on foot or by swimming, depending on the weather and the level of the water. This is a paradise for surfers, especially in July and August. There are surfboards and wetsuits for hire. It is well worth a visit even if you are not a surfer yourself, just to enjoy the magnificent landscape and admire the skill of the surfers. All the houses offering rented rooms also operate their own taverna.

Kiotari Beach

Here you will find large, luxury hotels, a few well-run restaurants and tavernas, a shopping centre with more or less anything you need (mini markets, bakeries, patisseries and cash machines) - these are the main features of what is in fact the most contemporary and stylish tourist resort on Rhodes. Kiotari has grown up over the last ten years along an impressive, vast beach, but does not suffer from the same tourist saturation which has negatively affected many of the other traditional resorts of Rhodes.

You will find no real community here, just shops and hotels, most of which operate the all-inclusive system, and thus their guests spend almost the whole of their days within the hotel's facilities and on their private beaches.
Most of the holidaymakers are families or couples, looking for peace and quiet by the sea, although there are a number of local people who come down on summer weekends as well. Even if you are not staying here it is worth stopping for a swim on the superb beach with its damp sand and
also operate their own taverna.

Ladiko Beach

This is just a tiny cove, but offers everything you could possibly want! Fine sand, small rocks, sun beds, umbrellas, hills all around, emerald water, showers and finaly a taverna. It is very popular among Italians, especially in August when it becomes very crowded. In recent years actually, the sun beds have spread over to the opposite shore with the rocks, ideal for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Stegna Beach

When you arrive here, to the right you will find peace and quiet and a family atmosphere, while on the left a private beach for guests of the one and only hotel. The beach is located just 500 meters along the road from Archangelos, and is the ideal bathing place for the local villagers. These make up most of the bathers on the beach, along with the visitors staying at the hotel. An ideal location for those seeking relaxation with sand and pebbles, a kiosk, water sports, a few tavernas.

St Pauls Bay St Pauls Bay is a small and rocky beach that is divided into two. One half of the beach is sandy and the other half has pebbles, with the blue sea this beach is a good spot the snorkeling
Kalathos Beach Kalathos Beach a 20 minute walk from the village. Rarely crowded, this beautiful tranquil beach is some 2 ½ miles long with a mixture of sand, fine shingle and pebbles. A long the shore are a couple of restaurants and a canteen. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to hire or if you prefer you can find your own private secluded spot.
Glystra Beach Glystra beach is the next bay just after Lardos beach. A sheltered bay, backed by Pine Trees and Olive groves. Beautiful fine sand and shallow waters make it ideal for snorkelling, perfect for families with children. Sunbeds, umbrellas and pedaloes  are available to hire. Feeling thirsty? there is a family run canteen providing snacks and drinks just to the back of the beach. Perfect choice if you fancy a lazy day at the beach!
Kavos Beach Kavos Beach is a sleepy bay , soft golden sand and shallow water. Overlooking the bay is a local taverna, and the owner keeps the beach clean and tidy. Perfect spot for a light lunch or an evening by the sea. From Kavos beach you can walk along the beach to Lee beach.
Lee Beach

The main Pefkos beach is a popular beach with pure golden sand lined with sunbeds and umbrellas . With speed boats, leisure boats, pedaloes, canoes, fishing trips, sea safaris and children’s boat rides Pefkos main beach offers lots of water fun!

Vlycha Beach Vlycha Beach is located in the historic town of Lindos. The beach has an idyllic setting with warm sand, crystal clear blue waters, sun beds, parasols and snack bars. It also has a great choice of water sports!
Pallas Beach Pallas Beach has golden sand and sits in a cove below Lindos Town. On the beach you shall find sunloungers, parasols and peddle boats and canoes. You will a selection of places to eat and drink on the road down to the beach.
Prassonissi Prassonissi is a long and large sandy beach that is located South of Rhode Town and South West of Lindos Village. It is known for its windsurfing during the months of July and August. The beach has two sandy coves which are joined by a rocky island that can be reached wither by foot or swimming (depending on the level of water).

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