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Enjoy the space
Having the space to spread out in a villa makes a much more chilled out holiday, especially once kids are in bed.
Bigger villas also mean you don’t end up squabbling over who gets the bathroom next, and grandparents needn’t get woken up by the baby in the night.
DON’T: Think you have to be together 24/7. Many villas have parking, so one group can go off and explore.
Everything on the doorstep
Villas are so well-equipped these days that they’re perfect for families: you’ll often have your own pool and BBQ.
Plus plenty of practical options for little ones, such as a microwave for sterilising or a washing machine, which cuts the mass of paraphernalia to pack.
DO: Make sure any chores get shared.
Get more for less
Travelling as a group is a fantastic way to cut costs. When you club together, you can often afford a more luxurious villa or end up with a bargain trip when it’s split between more.
It’s a fantastic saving compared to booking multiple hotel rooms and eating out too.
DO: Consider setting up a kitty for when you arrive.

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