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life is like a box ‘o chocolates they say, well in much the same way, Majorca offers something for everyone. If you like hard centers, then look no further than the Tramuntana Mountains. Warm, soft centers?
- the coastline will not disappoint. Sophisticated palates - enjoy the beautiful island interior with its tempting historical architecture & vineyards. if citrus is your taste, then Soller’s orange groves will not disappoint. Let’s not forget After Eight, the nightlife & fiestas are second to none. Why wait, open the lid and take your pick.
Our Majorca specialist says...
What do I love most? Is it the majestic mountains that envelope the sun-kissed beaches and glittering seas? For me, it’s a swim in the beautiful Med, the traditionally cooked tapas, the smell of orange groves and the sound of ice cubes in a cool gin & tonic with a Spanish guitar playing in the background.

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