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The largest of the ionian islands, Kefalonia is rich in history and natural beauty. From mountains to valleys, sandy beaches to pebbly coves, stunning views abound. The climate is perfect for the cultivation of olives, grapes and a large variety of trees, fruit and flowers. The aroma of wild herbs fills the air as do the delicious cooking fragrances of age old recipes being lovingly prepared. For many years Kefalonia has been a firm favourite amongst couples and families alike. Unspoilt and unsophisticated Kefalonia is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy a relaxing holiday.
Our Kefalonia specialist says...
There is so much to love about this beautiful Island. It’s stunning natural beauty, sandy beaches with crystal clear sea and the turtles in Argostoli Bay are just some of the reasons to choose a Kefalonia Villa holiday. For me it is a plate of fresh calamari, a Greek salad and a cold beer.
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