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Crete, the largest of the greek islands, is teeming with a fascinating history and dramatic scenery, so you won’t be able to help but fall in love with it. if you manage to tear yourself away from your villa’s private pool there is plenty for you to explore on the island. Dotted with idyllic beaches, you can relish in the warm climate in a secluded cove or take a romantic stroll along the harbour in Rethymnon. One thing is for certain, Crete will seduce you with its charm and you’ll never want to leave.
Our Crete specialist says...
Crete is an island of great diversity and both ancient and modern history has shaped it. Being the largest of all the Greek Islands, East and West have many differences in both scenery, food and culture. There
are buzzing coastal tourist resorts and in contrast remote villages inhabited only by a few who still scratch a living from the land.
One things for sure though! A warm welcome awaits! Kalos Orisate! Welcome!

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