Frequently Asked Questions

Before I book

Finding my Villa Holiday
How do I search for a villa?
Searching for a villa is simple. If you know what you want then Just select the destination, dates, duration and number of people travelling on your holiday (and the airport you wish to fly from if booking flights.) You’ll then be given a list of all villas which are available on these dates. You can then refine your search to find the perfect villa for you and your family. If you aren’t sure what you want and are looking for some inspiration, then you can search by villa type or destination. If you need any help once you have narrowed down your search, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01727 836686 who will be happy to help.
Alternatively, if you know the villa name simply click on the Villa Name button and input the villa name.
How old are children?
Children aged 2 to 11 on the return from your holiday are classed as children. Babies aged 23 months or younger on the return from your holiday are classed as infants. Any child aged 12 or above is classed as an adult.
Does the website show all availability?
Yes. Our website shows live availability and is up to date with the best available price shown.
Can I have a Thursday to Thursday booking, instead of Friday to Friday?
Each destination has set arrival days. This means a villa that is Friday to Friday cannot be changed to avoid any villas having empty days that cannot be booked.
Do you accept 10 night bookings?
Our booking duration is either 7, 14, 21 or 28 nights. Many people decide to book 14 and only stay for 10/11 nights but the villa is paid for the whole duration. If you require flights please submit the booking as a package and click the pay by phone button. This will hold your option and the Travel Team will contact you to confirm and adjust the flights to your required dates.
Members of our travel party want to fly from different airports. Can this be booked through Villa Plus?
Yes, you can add additional flights by selecting the Add flight button on the change flight screen.
We wish to go for 2 weeks but some of the party are only going for one week, what do we do?
You will need to submit the booking with all of your party going from one airport and then selecting the pay by phone button at the end of the booking process. This will create a provisional booking. One of the Travel Team will then contact you to confirm and change anyone wishing to travel for a different length of time or from a different airport.
What are the flight times and which airline we are flying with?
Flight times and the airlines are displayed on the Summary page which is at the start of the booking process. You can change the airline and flight times by selecting the change flight button.
There are not enough beds shown for the maximum occupancy for the villa. Why is this?
An additional Z bed can be added, dependant on the destination. This is an additional cost of £30.00 per week to villa only bookings but free within a package booking and are adequate for under 15 years old only.

Pricing my villa holiday
Can you give me availability on a villa and cost?
For up to date pricing, please visit the website and complete the booking pages online. Before you submit any personal details, you will get a summary page with a breakdown. If you need help with the booking or costings you can either call us on 01727 836 686 or contact us via our live chat, where one of our agents will be able to assist you.
How much is the deposit on a holiday?
Some airlines require full payment at the time of booking; however, when selecting TUI this means you only have to pay a low deposit to secure the flights. The 10% deposit applies only to Villa only bookings.
How do I book a low deposit holiday?
When booking a villa only you can secure this with a low deposit of 10%. TUI (Formally Thomson) offer a low deposit option of £102.50pp to secure your flights with balance being paid 12 weeks before departure.
What is ADW for? Is it refundable?
The Accidental Damage Waiver is non- refundable charge that helps us to cover costs caused by accidental damage whilst protecting you from any further additional charges. Please refer to our booking conditions for more information. Alternatively, where appropriate, a refundable Security Deposit is taken, the cost of this varies from £100.00 and £650.00 but this can be more, depending on the villa.
Why am I being charged a security deposit?
For single sex and/or young parties, a security deposit of £100.00 to £150.00 per person will be charged in place of the ADW. On selected villas, the ADW is NOT applicable and we have a Security Deposit of £250.00 to £650.00, which is payable with your holiday balance. All security deposits will be refunded within four weeks of your return date, less any deductions, if applicable.

Assistance requirements
Can you arrange assistance at the airport?
Yes, let us know your requirements and we will make the appropriate arrangements, such as wheelchair assistance, on your behalf. Please tick the relevant boxes during the booking process and we will contact you to discuss your needs.
We have a disability and require special assistance; can we still book a Villa holiday?
Please select the disability option when booking the villa and a Villa Suitability checklist will be emailed to you. For any booking where a passenger requires special assistance you must Complete and return it to and we will check with our Overseas Resort Team to ensure the villa is suitable for your needs to prevent anyone struggling during their stay.

Booking my holiday
Can you hold a villa off sale?
No, sadly we can't hold "options" as the website is live but you can submit a provisional booking which will be held for 2 hours while we actively contact you.
I would like to stay in two different villas during my stay. How can I book this?
You can book a twin-centre holiday with Villa Plus. For ‘Villa Only’ please put 2 separate bookings through and select the option to pay by phone. For package bookings please put the first week through with flights and select option to pay by phone and a separate booking for the second villa as a ‘Villa Only’ booking and select option to pay by phone. Please don’t pay anything online. On both bookings our reservations team will call you during opening hours to confirm your holiday so please request the additional villa then.
Can I book by phone?
You will need to complete the booking pages online, we have made the booking process simple and there are only 4 pages before you reach the payment option. If you need help with the booking you can call a member of our Travel Team on 01727 836 686 who will be happy to help you.
Infants and new-borns - I have a baby on the way!
Firstly, congratulations. Infants should be added to the booking when they are born and have been named. There is an additional cost to add babies to a booking with flights – our travel team will advise on the cost.
What is the baggage allowance?
Baggage allowance and cost will be listed on the Villa Summary when selecting your flight option. If the cost of bags does not display please select the option to pay by phone and we’ll contact you to advise the cost and to confirm your holiday.
My names appear differently on my passport (this includes middle names, incorrect titles and hyphenated names). Is this important?
Middle names are not required. Only first and last names are required. They must however match your passport exactly. Hyphens are not required on documents.
What financial protection does my holiday have?
Villa Plus is fully ATOL and ABTA bonded, meaning your money is 100% safe and you can book with confidence. For more information please visit
Can I add a Starter Pack?
Yes, you can, either during the booking process or at a later stage. Providing we have reasonable notice, we can normally add this to your booking up to 24hrs prior to departure. If you have booked a villa from our Very Villa Plus range, a Starter Pack is already included.
The Starter Pack provides basic necessities and sufficient food for a light snack and typically contains items such as bread, butter, water, wine, juice, UHT milk, pasta and pasta sauce, teabags, coffee, sugar, matches, washing up liquid and sponge, bin bags and dishwasher tablets. There may be regional variations or additions. The cost of the Starter Pack includes a small charge for shopping for the items and delivery to the villa.
Child seats for Car Hire or Transfers - do I need to bring my own?
Most suppliers provide child seats. Please check by selecting ‘Destinations’ and where you’re travelling to on our homepage then ‘Car Hire’ and ‘Transfers’. Alternatively, you can bring your own and most airlines allow these to be taken free of charge. Please check on the airlines FAQs for confirmation.
Can I pre-book seats?
In most cases it is possible to pre-book your seats directly with the airline. However, some flights supplied by TUI and Thomas Cook may be operated by another airline. When this happens, it is not possible to pre-book your seats. In these circumstances, seats can be arranged at check-in at the airport instead. TUI and Thomas Cook flights that have the following flight number prefix can be pre-booked. TUI – TOM Thomas Cook –MT. However, we cannot guarantee that seats can always be pre-booked with any airline. The option to book seats doesn’t form part of your Villa Plus holiday contract.
Can I book a bicycle/surfboard/golf clubs or other special luggage on my flight?
Yes, this can be done directly with the airline.
I have been given the option to pay by phone only and cannot complete the booking online. Why is this?
There could be two reasons for this. Firstly, bookings with flights for 10 or more passengers are treated as a group booking by airlines. This means that we have to contact the airline to reconfirm prices and availability. Our reservation staff will call you back and confirm this information to you. Secondly, bookings where a passenger requires special assistance will be contacted by phone to determine that the villa is suitable for your requirements.

Paying for my holiday
When is my balance due?
Your Balance is due 12 weeks before your departure date.
How do I pay my balance?
The balance can be paid by using the link on your invoice, or by making payment over the phone with our friendly Travel Team.
Will you take my balance automatically?
No, for security reasons we don't hold credit or debit card details. We'll remind you by email when the balance is due.
I don’t wish to pay all my balance now, can I pay in small instalments?
Yes, you can pay in small instalments up until your balance due date. Please call our Travel Team on 01727 836686 where we can take payment.

New Package Travel Directive (PTD) 2018
What does the new PTD regulations mean to me & what do I need to know?
1a). The new regulations only apply to holiday travel arrangements booked on or after 1 July 2018. If you have booked a package holiday before 1 July 2018, your package holiday will be covered by previous regulation.

1b). A package holiday can come in many different forms and can be sold in different ways – for example, a ‘ready-made’ package where the different travel services are put together for you by Villa Plus and offered at a single price, for example a Flight and Villa (with ATOL certificate), or a Villa and Car hire (without ATOL certificate)

1c). A package holiday has both Legal and Financial protection.

Key Points:
  • A package holiday is a combination of at least two diverse types of travel services, which are listed below:
  1. transport (such as a flight)
  2. accommodation (such as a hotel, villa or apartment)
  3. car rental
  4. Or a tourist service (such as a transfer) where this is a significant part of the holiday, because its value is equal to or greater than 25% of the Villa only accommodation cost.
  • If your Package Holiday includes a flight you have the legal protection of the Package and Travel Regulations 2018 and you will be issued with an ATOL certificate along with the protection that affords.
  • If your Package Holiday does not include a flight (i.e. Villa only accommodation with Car hire) you will not receive an ATOL certificate but you have the legal protection of the Package and Travel regulations 2018 and Financial protection is given by way of Bond held with ABTA.
  • If your holiday includes villa accommodation and private transfer where the cost of the transfer is 25% of the villa cost then it is a Package Holiday without flights or ATOL. You will have the same legal protection afforded by the Package and Travel Regulations 2018. If the cost of the transfer is less than 25% of the villa cost, then it is not a Package and does not have the same legal protection afforded by the Package and Travel Regulations 2018 but does have Financial protection by way of a bond held with ABTA.

  • For more details please refer to our booking conditions:

Brexit Advice
How will Brexit affect my travel?
Britain leaves the EU at 23:00 hours on 29th March 2019 and is currently continuing talks to achieve a Brexit deal. If a deal is reached, there will be a transition period until 31st December 2020.
We are monitoring the situation closely and will update our customers with any new information. Should we encounter a no-deal Brexit, we have provided some essential information for travellers:
ABTA's website offers general traveller advice around Brexit considerations: ABTA Brexit Advice: Read more

We have prepared our information based on the destinations / countries which we feature in our programme. Should you additionally be travelling to any other European countries, please check the UK website for full details of any changes that may affect you after 29th March 2019.
Can I still use my UK Driving Licence?
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, UK drivers may be required to apply for an International Driving Permit ( IDP ) and travellers may need different permits for different EU countries or multiple permits if driving through more than one country.
The website gives full guidance details:
EU Driving post Brexit: Read More
IDP's: Read More
Will I also need a Green Card to drive in the EU?
You won't need a Green Card if you're hiring a car in the EU, as the Car Hire supplier's insurance will cover you.
As yet, there is no confirmation if UK Residents will also need a Green Card to drive in the EU using their own cars or cars hired in the UK, which they are taking to the EU.
What happens to the EHIC cards / Travel Insurance?
After 29th March 2019, UK registered EHIC cards may no longer be valid. All British residents travelling to Europe should therefore ensure that they have taken out a suitable travel insurance policy for their requirements, especially if travellers have specific medical considerations as some health-related costs may not be covered, such as non-urgent treatments, ongoing medical treatment or medical repatriation.
Will my Flights operate as normal?
Should the UK leave the EU in a no-deal scenario, the European Commission has already confirmed that flights between the UK and Europe will still operate.
What about Mobile phone roaming charges?
Britain currently benefits from fixed rates for call, text and internet whilst within the EU and current usage is capped at 50 Euros. However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, these regulations would no longer apply and we therefore recommend that you check with your provider regarding fee changes to their charges for using these services.
Do I need to renew my Passports / obtain a Visa?
The UK Government recommends that all British Residents check the expiry date on their passport and if you are travelling after 29th March 2019, you should have at least 6 months validity left on your passport after your return travel date, when travelling to Europe.

Check my passport: Read more

Renew my passport:Read more

These rules will apply to all EU countries within the Schengen area. For countries outside the Schengen area ( Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania ) there may be some different entry requirements.

Should the UK leave the EU in a no-deal Brexit scenario: travellers with short stays of 90 days or under, will require a current passport, with 6 months validity left on it. Border Control staff may require you to show return flight tickets and confirmation that you have sufficient funds available for the duration of your stay.)

Further information can be found on the Gov.Uk website: Read more

The European Commission has confirmed that in a no-deal Brexit, British Residents will not need a Visa to travel throughout Europe after Brexit until 2021,when a proposed Visa may be introduced if you are travelling to certain countries, called a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) which will cost around 7 Euros will come into place. We will keep you updated on any change to this.
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