Restaurants In Tenerife

You can find a wide range of restaurants in the South of Tenerife, both international and traditional cuisine is on offer in the resorts, with typical family run restaurants occupying villages closeby. Children are welcomed everywhere, and nearly all restaurants will offer menus with an English section.

The cost of eating out can vary tremendously, but most Spanish restaurants will offer a 'menu del dia' especially at lunchtime, usually consisting of 3 courses and a glass of beer or wine for a specified price.


Bananas - The taste of Canarian bananas, the main crop in Tenerife and the rest of the Canaries, is unmistakable and of such high quality that it is unmatched. Here bananas are grown under the best weather and altitude conditions as well as in the island's ideal, volcanic soil. The locals like to eat their bananas fresh although they are also used in dishes such as, "arroz a la cubana" (rice, sausages, egg and fried banana) and many others.
Restaurant In Tenerife
Cheese - Tenerife produces high quality cheeses. The most commonly used milk is Goat's milk and in particular, indigenous breeds well known for their high production and quality are used. They are considered a real part of Canarian gastronomy and there are different farmhouse cheeses made according to the traditions and methods in each area or county. The most commonly eaten cheese is called "fresco" (fresh), just a few days old, without too much pressing and drained on its own. It has a light, pleasant taste, slightly salty with an aroma of fresh milk. There are also "fresh" cheeses, which are smoked with special woods, almond shells etc, which gives them a unique character and a longer shelf life. Cured cheeses require a few weeks in storage and there are various methods for doing this ranging from natural methods to others in which the cheese is covered with pepper or Gofio.
Fish - Tenerife includes a great variety of fish thanks to the abundance and diversity of its coastal waters. Of all the species caught, the most valued for its exquisite taste is the "vieja" (sea bream) which is boiled and served simply with "mojo" (a traditional sauce made from red pepper or coriander) and "papas arrugadas" (new potatoes, boiled dry in sea salt).

Potatoes - The potato is a popular part of the diet in the Canaries. The Canarian variety of potato, is completely different from the ones eaten on mainland Spain. On the islands, the potato is small, round and very tasty, which is why it is commonly used in traditional cuisine.

Tomatoes - Canarian tomatoes, which are very red and a distinctive round shape, have a special, sweet flavour which is particularly popular in the international markets. The Canaries are the main European producer of tomatoes. Tenerife devotes large amounts of land in the south of the island to growing tomatoes and it is a key ingredient in the cuisine here. Raw, fried, cooked or in a sauce the Canarian tomato is part of many different recipes.

Gofio - Gofio is basically a toasted, ground cereal. It is the only food that originates from the islands' aboriginal inhabitants that is still eaten with great relish today. That primitive Gofio was mainly made from barley as well as from other roots and dry fruits. The ingredients were ground using a hand mill made up of two rough, circular stones that turned one on top of the other. Later Gofio acquired new flavours mainly from the use of wheat and sweet corn. Nowadays, Gofio is dissolved in milk as a breakfast or mixed with different ingredients (oil, water, and fresh fruit, such as bananas, or dried fruit and honey) to be eaten with other meals.

Tapas - You will find in many local restaurants the typical 'tapas' found in most Spanish places, here in Tenerife they are commonly refered to as a 'racion' meaning a small plate, most restaurants and café bars will house a small selection usually of home made tapas on the serving counter, and will often have some dishses of the day on a blackboard, if there is something you particularly like you can usually ask for a full portion instead, or use them to try more than one dish at a tim


There are many wines gown in Tenerife, White, Red and Rose. Most shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants will often indicate which wines are from Tenerife, and will be happy to describe what is on offer. You will also find that many restauarnts and local bars will also serve house wine, often made on the island too, which can be worth a try.

International and Spanish beers are served almost everywhere, and you will find a selection of non alcoholic beers too. Ask for a 'cana' (small glass) or a 'Jarra' (large glass). Water or 'Agua' is essential in the heat, and should be drunk in abundance. As its not recommended to drink the tap water in Tenerife, there are many options available sch as fizzy 'con gas' or still 'sin fas' and fruit flavoured waters as well.

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