Restaurants In Fuerteventura

Spanish hospitality is excellent in their bars and restaurants and visitors of all ages are warmly welcomed, especially children. A free tapas is usally offered of nuts, olives, cheese, tortilla, or maybe a sample of the dish of the day served with your beverage.

At the end of your meal a chupito (shot) is served to thank you for your visit, usually Ron Miel (honey rum), made locally and is delicious topped with cream, or maybe a local liquer, such as cactus fruit liquer.


Fuerteventura, towns and small villages offer an array of gastronomic delights for all nationalities to tease the palate:
Restaurant In Fuerteventura
Spanish local dishes and menus from various regions of mainland Spain, Italian, Morrocan, Indian, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, English and Irish dishes. A good meal with wine will generally cost less than the equivalent in the UK. Fresh delicious seafood is widely available, try it accompanied with mojo, a spicy pepper salsa. Fuerteventura is famous for its Gofio, an ancient blend of toasted maize or wheat. Local wines available are very reasonable prices. Try a range of Tapas, various small potions of mouth watering typical Spanish cuisine, such as Paella and Garbanzos.The island is famous for goatkeeping and the production of high quality goats cheeses of fresh, semi-cured, cured and smoked, all of which are widely used here and exported worldwide. Also the goat meat stew (Estafado de Cabra) tastes like a succulent tender beef stew, which has to be tasted.


Fuerteventura's cuisine tends to be quite plain with main ingredients being fish, goat and island produce, flavoured with Spanish sauces and seasonings. Gofio, toasted grain flour, is used in many dishes. Tasty Canarian grown tomatoes and papas arrugadas, (small unpeeled potatoes steamed with plenty of salt) accompany many meals, or served as a tapas (small entré) with a sauce dip of mojo picón salsa or ali oli (garlic mayonnaise). Fish and shellfish are in abundance with paella being a famous Spanish favourite, along with pulpo (octopus) and mejillones (mussels).


Fuerteventura is also famous for Aloe Vera products made on the island at Tiscaminita where the Aloe Vera plant is cultivated which has beneficial health qualities. Now an Aloe Vera wine is produced from the Aloe Vera flowers which is available here.

Canarian wines of red, rosé and white are available from vineyards from each of the islands which are very palatable and vary in price. The Spanish do prefer the red wines. Sangria is very popular throughout the islands, based on red wine, spirit and liquer, oranges, mixed fruit and ice.

All types of alcohol are available here duty free. Imported brands are more expensive but there are many local brands which are very good and often taste better. It is a "free-pour" serving in the bars, no optic measures, so beware that your alcoholic drink is much stronger.

Beer is made in the Canaries and all are 4.5% and above in volume, named Dorada and Tropical and both are very refreshing.

Cider is available as imports but the best and natural cider is from Asturia as it is made from selected asturian apples, fermented and bottled with the least additives possible to produce a natural cider. There is limited availability in Corralejo bars, but can be tasted at the Spanish bar, La Sideria.

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