Shopping In Menorca

A delight! Whilst short on department stores the towns and villages in Menorca abound with small shops - some 'chic' displaying the latest fashions and baubles and others which take one back to days gone by.

The best hunting grounds for unusual gifts are the boutiques along the waterfront in Mahon and in the back streets of Mahon and Ciudadela. Offical opening times are from 09.30hrs - 13.30hrs and 17.00hrs - 20.00hrs from Monday to Friday and mornings only on Saturdays but many shops, particularly in resorts now choose to open longer. Some don't close at mid-day and often they open on Saturday afternoons and even Sunday mornings.

Shopping In Menorca

Shopping for food is made easy in
the hypermarkets, found in the towns
and villages. They are well-stocked
with fresh and imported foods and all
sell liquors and toiletries as well as
having delicatessens. Aside from these each town
and village has a weekly market selling clothes and crafts, set up around the main square.
Weekly Markets:
Mahon - Tuesday and Saturday, Ciudadela - Friday and Saturday, Alayor - Thursday, Es Castell - Monday and Wednesday, Es Migjorn Gran - Wednesday, Ferreries -Tuesday and Friday, Es Mercadal - Sunday, Fornells - Thursday
Mahon and Ciudadela have daily food markets in the town centres.
Ferreries holds a special open-air market on Saturday mornings, offering a range of items produced by local farmers.

Local produce and industry

- Good buys should definitely include some of the island's locally produced foods and drink and your souvenirs be locally made. Here are some examples:

Leather goods

- Locally made shoes and leather clothes are made with a leather which is wonderfully soft and supple. Prices are good if you shop around for a quality which, at home, is beyond most people's reach. Well known shoes made on the island include the following names - Pons Quintana, Patricia, Looky and Jaime Mascaro. Do try the Menorcan rubber soled sandals "abarcas" which are worn by all and sundry during the Summer - children and adults, males and females!

Costume Jewellery

- One of Menorca's leading industries. The jewellery is made using common metals which are coated with silver or gold and finished with imitation stones. The result is extravagant and inexpensive. Most is exported to South America but there are still bargains to had in the local shops.


- Decorative pottery and earthenware dishes can be found in most gift shops. Wall plates are particularly attractive and easy to transport but the more adventurous may want to splash out on one of the beautiful vases or garden pots. The earthenware dishes which local folk use for cooking are inexpensive and practical. They can be used on the hob or in the oven and are becoming more and more popular as useful souvenirs. See the potters at work in "Lora" in the Port of Mahon. The biggest LLADRO showroom on the island is at the "Castillo De Menorca" on the main Mahon - Ciudadela road

Local Food and drink

- Menorcan cheese is widely exported and also enjoyed by all the locals. In UK you'll find it in the best delicatessens amongst world-renowned cheeses. The shops sell several varieties, ranging from young to very mature. In Es Mercadal, in the centre of the island, you'll find C'An Pons in the tiny square, selling home-made almond macaroons. "El Turronero", in the centre of Mahon is filled with a fascinating variety of island-made produce including jams, nougats and an array of pastries. A mention must be made of "Gin Xoriguer", the recipe - a legacy of the British occupation of Menorca. Visit the waterfront distillery in Mahon Harbour and sample the gin and gin-based products. The gin, mixed with lemon, is the official "fiesta" drink - known as a "pomada".

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