Restaurants In Menorca

Menorca has been referred to as the "Garden Isle" due to the abundance of local produce.

When it comes to recommending what and where to eat it is difficult to know where to begin. There are a huge variety of restaurants in Menorca, some - mainly in the resorts - catering for families, with simple but nourishing fare and many others for the more discerning. In addition to the hundreds of cafes with their pavement terraces you can choose to eat on the waterfront, in an elegant town house, or on the fragrant patio of a rustic farmhouse.

Prices vary enormously. You are unlikely to find a bar or restaurant which does not have the menu in English. Please don't hesitate to ask if this hasn't automatically been given to you. Most restaurants display a "Menu Del Dia" - Menu of the Day which includes 3 courses. Do check as sometimes wine/water, bread and coffee are also included but occasionally these are considered "extras".
Restaurant In Menorca
Menorcan specialities - Menorcan cuisine
revolves around fresh meat, fish and seafood,
pasta and, most importantly, vegetables.
They also have a tendency, unlike the rest of Spain, to involve pastry in their daily cooking - a legacy from the British occupation. A vast amount of meals include a vegetable course. As in most Mediterranean countries most of the cooking is built around a "sofrito" - a mixture of tomato, onion, garlic and often pepper, chopped finely and fried in olive oil. This is often used to "spice up" boiled cabbage, spinach, green beans etc. and is used as a base for most casserole dishes, soups and sauces.
Mayonnaise is said to have been born in Mahon (mahonesa). The more popular version - served in almost all establishments is "Alioli" - garlic mayonnaise. Ask for this with any dish or why not simply start the meal with a bowl of Alioli brought along with the bread basket! A variety of the normal bread can be replaced with "Pa amb oli" (bread with oil) which usually consists of rustic sliced bread sprinkled with olive oil and rubbed with tomatoe and garlic. Wonderful served with Mahon cheese and/or cured ham.
"Tapas" are also popular but are not normally found in resorts - more in the towns, villages and ports. This is a wonderful way to sample the local cooking. Some bars will only have a couple displayed on the bar and will be happy to give you a list of what is available. Others display a staggering variety along the length of the bar.

The cost of these menus can vary between as little as 8 Euros and 21 Euros, depending on the type of restaurant you choose. If you are very hungry, look for a local restaurant where the menu del dia is great value.
1) A typical "menu del dia" priced around 8 - 12 Euros:
Starter - Mixed salad/cannelones/asparagus with egg and mayonnaise
Main Course - Pork chops/roast chicken/cod in sauce - with potatoes
Pudding - Crème Caramel/ice cream/fresh fruit
2) The higher priced variety (18 - 21 Euros) may consist of something like this:
Starter - Fish and leek loaf with prawns/stuffed courgettes/lentil salad with duck
Main Course - Stuffed rabbit/Hake Mediterranean-style/Roast lamb with honey
Pudding - Chocolate mousse/Lemon tart with raspberries/Profiteroles
Try the following local dishes:
Stuffed aubergine - "berenjena rellena"
Stuffed onion - "cebolla rellena"
An oven dish of pork chops on a bed of potatoes - "Chuletas al horno"
Lobster stew - "Caldereta de langosta"
Tiny baby squid cooked in a light batter - "Chipirones"
Cabbage with partridge - "Lomo con col"
You may like to pay at least one visit to the Restaurant "Es Pla" on the water's edge in the fishing village of Fornells. Their speciality is the lobster stew but they have a wide selection of local dishes and more cosmopolitan cuisine, mainly based on fresh fish but with good quality meats. As well as the A La Carte menu they also offer a selection of 2 very reasonably-priced set menus. King Juan Carlos of Spain always makes this a port of call when holidaying in the Balearics with his family.
For those with children there is a Burger king in Cuitadella.
It is customary (though not obligatory) to tip waiters if you believe they have given you good service. As a guideline, the norm is to tip between 5 and 10%. This is entirely at your own discretion.
Even the smallest bar/restaurant along the coast will have a menu in English, however, inland this might not be the case. Here are a few translations to help you.
Bill la cuenta Restaurant In Menorca
Fizzy water agua con gas
Still water agua sin gas
Beer cerveza
Beer (no alcohol) cerveza sin alcohol
Wine, red, white, rose Vino, tinto, blanco, rosado
Garlic ajo
Rice arroz
Tuna atun
Beef ternera
Port cerdo
Lamb cordero
Chicken pollo
Ham jamon Serrano
York ham jamon york
Sausage salchicha
Spicy sausage chorizo
Fried frito
Grilled a la plancha
Ice cream helado
Vegtables verduras
Squid calamares
Shellfish mariscos
Crab cangrejo
Egg huevo
Fish pescado
Cheese queso
Salt sal
Pepper pimiento
Mustard mostaza

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