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Villas in Alcudia

For a getaway that offers a mix of golden beaches, thrilling water sports and old-world charm, book your villa holiday in Alcudia. This sun-soaked town in northern Mallorca offers everything you could need for a lively getaway, from windsurfing and banana boat rides to snorkelling and kayaking. If you prefer to lounge around on the beach, we have a collection of hand-picked villas to rent in Alcudia that are close to the town’s sandy bay. While you’re on the waterfront, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafés and restaurants that are dotted along the coast. Alternatively, if you want to cook your own meals during your stay, there are lots of local shops and supermarkets where you can pick up some fresh produce before returning to your holiday property. Should you be staying in one of our luxury villas in Alcudia that are designed for couples, you can slow things down and enjoy a romantic, cultured day trip when you head to the old town. Journey to the gates of the 14th century walls that guard picturesque cobbled streets and enjoy a coffee in one of the local bistros before heading back to your villa for two.

Exploring Alcudia On Villa Holidays

The Roman town of Alcudia used to be Majorca’s capital. It is rich in history and culture. You will enter a world of narrow alleyways and small squares, Gothic churches, family-run shops, bars and restaurants. Parts of the town date back to around 1300. The vibrant market every Sunday and Tuesday just adds to the charm of the place. Alcudia has some great restaurants, old mansion houses and museums.

Back in the 2nd century, Alcudia was occupied by the Romans – and you can visit what is left of their city, Pollentia. These are the best preserved Roman remains in Majorca, just outside the city walls. The remains include the residential district Portella, where the excavations have uncovered two streets and several houses, plus the Forum, and the public square where a few separate buildings have been found, such as the Capitol Temple. They include an unusual amphitheatre cut from solid rock. Museo de Pollensa is nearby, with an interesting collection of archaeological finds, including pottery, jewellery and a set of gladiator shin pads (no, you can’t try them on!) as well as paintings, Gothic sacred art and a pretty garden courtyard.

Head south from Alcudia and you will find The Albufera Nature Reserve, a vital nesting site for birdlife, with wonderful sand dunes, lagoons, forests and wetlands, paths and trails. Walking here you can get up close and personal with over 400 different species of flora and 230 species of birds have been counted here (but not by us!) The entrance to the Reserve is 4 miles from the centre of Alcudia.

Nightlife in Alcudia is lively. Vibrant Dollar Street is one of the hot spots where you can enjoy live music and karaoke in the lively bars and pubs as well as traditional games and quizzes. In this area you’ll find international bars, sports pubs, German beer gardens and Scottish and Irish bars – even the odd Spanish bar if you are lucky. The main night time tourist area is the Bellevue strip where you will find familiar places to eat, drink and shop.