Shopping In Rhodes

There is an excellent selection of shops and supermarkets in Rhodes, which includes general stores, bakeries, butchers, souvenir shops and clothing boutiques. Generally the shops are open from 08.30 – 13.30, then closed for siesta, and reopened from 17.00 – 21.00. In the months of July and August you will find that most of the shops are open every day including Sunday, and for longer hours.
Shopping In Rhodes

Most towns in the Greek islands have their weekly street
market (laiki agora), a colourful jumble of the freshest
and best value fruit and vegetables, herbs, fish, meat
and poultry – often juxtaposed with a miscellany of
shoes and underwear, fabrics, household items and sundry
electronic equipment. Usually opened early and
packed up by about 1.30pm, in time for the afternoon
siesta. Prices are generally cheaper than in the
supermarkets, and a certain amount of bargaining is also
acceptable, at least for non-perishable items.

Traditional handicrafts, though not particularly cheap, do offer the most genuinely Greek souvenirs.

Jewellery stores are everywhere and difficult to resist. Many of the pieces are made here by the shop owners or by someone local.

There are several art galleries on the island with many local artists selling their work.

Bargaining is not widely accepted except with jewellery. For small souvenir items you should expect to pay the ticketed price.

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