Restaurants In Rhodes

A wide range of restaurants can be found in all resorts. You will find Italian, Chinese, Mexican and of course Greek food. Make sure you try the seafood here, you will find there is a large, fresh range available in many restaurants. You will often find Petros the pelican close to these restaurants! For vegetarians you will find there are plenty of Greek dishes to try. There are a wide range of pulses and ladera (fresh vegetable main courses cooked in olive oil, invented for the many Greek orthodox fasts) and a large range of salads. Try the stuffed peppers and tomatoes or the deep fried courgettes. Wherever you choose to eat check the menu before sitting down as the price range can vary. One tip to finding the best Greek food is to follow the locals. Greek people tend to eat later than we do so you will find the restaurants on the island are often open until the small hours. Below and over the next couple of pages you will find some Greek food and drink you may like to try during your stay. So as they say here in Greece "Kali Orexi" (bon appetite).

Culinary Delights to look out for in the shops and markets of the Island include - 'honey' - 'pistachios' - 'olives' - herbs and spices. Good cheeses include the salty feta, for something sugary, try the numerous pastries and biscuits of the zacharoplasteio (cake and sweet shop).

Restaurant In Rhodes
In common with other Eastern European countries, the Greeks use olive oil in the preparation of most dishes. In some establishments you are free to enter the kitchen and select your requirements. Food is usually served at a much lower temperature than in North Western Europe since this is considered more polite and plates are seldom heated.
Here is a short list of some traditional Greek dishes that you may come across during your stay.

Yoghurt, garlic, cucumber and olive oil.

Smoked cod roe with mashed potato or breadcrumbs and olive oil.

Vine leaves, rolled and stuffed with spicy mince or rice.

Greek salad, delicious mixed salad with local feta cheese.

A thick slice of strong cheese that has been fired to make the outside crispy.

Minced lamb, potato and aubergines, baked in layers and topped with a cheese sauce.

Minced beef and baked macaroni in a tasty tomato sauce.

Spicy meat balls.

Large chunks of meat (usually beef) cooked slowly with whole baby onions, tomatoes and herbs.

The Greeks have a very sweet tooth and are not ashamed to admit it. You will find some extremely enticing pastry shops around town, and of course many sticky desserts on the restaurant menus. Some of the delights you can get your teeth into are: -

A gooey delight made from layers of flaky pastry and chopped nuts all soaked in honey.

This is just as gooey, but this one looks like shredded wheat. It is filled with sweetened nuts and again soaked in honey.

Thick and creamy Greek yoghurt covered with honey and nuts. Another way to serve this is with fresh fruit.

Good old cream caramel just as we know it.

This is a general term used for many varieties of sponge cakes that are filled with cream and covered with a soft icing of chocolate, vanilla or coffee.

These are all a trifle naughty but oh so nice! !

If you are watching the calories, you will also find a good selection of fresh fruits including watermelon (karpouzi), honeydew melon (peponi), apples (mila) and oranges (portokalia) are usually also on offer.

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