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Eating out in Greece is a way of life and a national pastime with true Greek cuisine being healthy, varied and delicious!





there are several different types of restaurant to choose from with a good variety of classic restaurants that offer a wide selection of international and Greek cuisine. There are also a few international restaurants such as Chinese, Indian and some excellent Italian restaurants and pizzerias, but if you want to sample the real Greek style of eating out, then you need to try the traditional ‘tavernas’ and grill rooms.

Greek tavernas are in a class of their own. Ranging from very basic little places by the sea or up in the mountains with a limited, but usually very fresh home cooked menu to huge establishments with large menus, live music and on occasion dancing, the general theme is the same. Here you are encouraged to go to the kitchen and see what is cooking for today’s menu. Good food, good company, and generally a good time.
Restaurant In Kefalonia
The traditional way to eat is to order a selection of starters or ‘mezes’ which is shared between your family and/or friends and then to have a main course each, which includes grilled meat or fish or one of the many local casserole specialties such as Sofrito, Moussaka, Kleftiko or Pastitsada and Kefalonia Meat Pie.. All accompanied of course by several carafes of local house wine or ‘retsina’. Often, certainly at lunchtime, a selection of mezes is more than sufficient for a full meal.
Desserts are not a big part of the meal and most tavernas have a limited dessert menu generally serving fresh fruit, a local liquor or Greek coffee instead. If you are lucky, you may get one of the traditional fresh pastries on offer such as Baklava or Gadaifi both very rich desserts dosed with plenty of honey or syrup.
Some tavernas specialise in fish where you can choose from the fridge. Others specialise in casserole dishes where again you choose your pot and then there are the traditional grillrooms, which generally serve only fresh grilled meat with a variety of side dishes - although they can be basic in design they often offer the best meat and the cheapest way to eat.
Whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian food, the Greek menu caters amply to all. Most truly traditional fare is in fact vegetarian with a wide range of beans, wild greens, rice and fresh vegetables used. Although vegetarian main courses tend to be limited, there are always more than enough starters to go round.

One of the most wonderful ways to wind down and relax is to sit in a seaside taverna next to the clear blue seas under a luminous sky and enjoy your Greek Meze.

Kefalonia shares with the rest of Greece a great selection of starter courses or ‘mezedes’ which are almost always made with good fresh local produce. In many café bars you will also find a Greek Meze or ‘pikilia’ (a selection of different starters or dips) and can generally choose between a fish meze or a meat one.

The basic ingredients of most meals revolve around olive oil, garlic, onion, oregano, lemon and parsley or dill. The famous Greek salad can be found in all tavernas along with a good selection of other salads.

There is a good selection of fish in Kefalonia. In general fish is fresh and often locally caught, but always ask to see the fish or eat at a fish taverna. Fish is generally sold by the kilo so make sure you check the weight of the fish you order before you start your meal. You will also find octopus, squid, cuttlefish, prawns, mussels and lobster dishes. Generally fish is either grilled over charcoal with herbs, olive oil lemon and herbs or deep-fried.

There is also a good variety of meat and you can choose between charcoal grilled with olive oil and herbs, fried with various sauces or one of the various traditional casserole dishes. Lamb Kleftkiko (casseroled lamb usually with potatoes, lemon, herbs and feta cheese) is a particular speciality as is sofrito (stewed beef in parsley and garlic sauce), stifado (generally stewed beef or rabbit with tiny onions and tomato sauce) and kokoretsi (chicken or cockerel in a rich tomato sauce). If you are lucky you will also find very good moussakas (a layered aubergine, potatoes, mincemeat and béchamel dish) or traditional dolmades (minced meat and rice balls with dill packaged into cabbage parcels and served with egg and lemon sauce).

For vegetarians such dishes as stuffed peppers and tomatoes (stuffed with rice, vegetables and herbs) artichokes in egg and lemon sauce or with mixed vegetables, horta (mixed wild greens) and briam (tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, garlic, onion and herbs grilled in the oven), baked butterbeans with tomato sauce and grilled feta with herbs are all good choices.

Typical starter dishes are tzatsiki (cucumber, garlic and yoghurt dip), taramasalata (a cod roe dip with potato and garlic), octopus in vinaigrette and herbs, kalamari (squid either deep fried or grilled), butter beans in tomato sauce, fried aubergines, aubergine dip, fried courgettes, saganaki (fried cheese in batter served with lemon) whitebait, and many others that are often specialities to the particular taverna.

As in many Mediterranean countries desserts are not big in Greece most people preferring to finish their meal with fruit or coffee. The desserts they do have are delicious using a lot of nuts, spices and honey. Try the sweet and rich ‘baklava’ filo pastry filled with different nuts and spices and covered in syrup or galaktabouriko, a fine pastry with custard like cream inside topped with honey or syrup. Or stick to the more simple and equally delicious Greek yoghurt with fresh honey and walnuts.

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