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Holiday Villas in Fiskardo Resort

Fiskardo has an exceptionally pretty harbour where traditional Kefalonian fishing boats moor alongside the luxury yachts of the wealthy summer visitors. If you are up early enough you can buy the catch of the day - but hey, you’re on holiday! So just find yourself a bar or café and settle down with your rather expensive drink to watch the beautiful people at play – hours of fun, and you might well spot an A-list celebrity or two, it’s that kind of place. Allegedly Demi Moore and Jon Bon Jovi have been seen here and apparently Roman Abramovich parks his yacht in the harbour. The food in the busy, family-run tavernas that line the waterfront tends to be classic Greek fare such as lamb kleftiko and stifado, and of course there is always fresh fish on the menu.

Exploring Fiskardo On Villa Holidays

Fiskardo has all you need to stock up for your time in the villa. There are three supermarkets with fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meat, frozen goods, hardware, tobacco and of course all kinds alcohol including good Kefalonian wines. The 2 bakeries in Fiskardo sell delicious fresh bread and cakes, and the cheese and spinach pies are particularly good. You’ll be fine for a picnic! You can also buy designer sunglasses, sandals and clothes if you need to add to your holiday wardrobe.

In the area surrounding Fiskardo there are wonderful walks, some of which have been planned by the local environmental group. A combination of geography, history and natural beauty make this a walker’s paradise. If you look for them, you will find the network of donkey tracks and footpaths that still link the now ruined villages and hamlets and provide a multitude of walking opportunities in a very beautiful setting.