Restaurants In Corfu

Eating out in Greece is a way of life and a national pastime with true Greek cuisine being healthy, varied and delicious! There are several different types of restaurant to choose from. There are a good variety of classic restaurants that offer a wide selection of international and Greek cuisine, there are also several international restaurants such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican and some excellent Italian restaurants and pizzerias but if you want to sample the real Greek style of eating out you need to try the traditional 'tavernas' and grill rooms.

Greek tavernas are a class unto their own. Ranging from very basic little places by the sea or up in the mountains with a limited but usually very fresh home cooked menu to huge establishments with large menus, live music and on occasion dancing the general theme is the same. Good food, good company, and a general good time.
Restaurant In Corfu
The traditional way to eat is to order
a selection of starters or 'mezes'
which is shared between the whole company
and then to have a main course each which includes
grilled meat or fish or one of the many local casserole specialities such as Sofrito, Moussaka, Kleftiko or Pastitsada. All accompanied of course by several carafes of local house wine or 'retsina'. Often, certainly at lunchtime, a selection of mezes is more than sufficient for a full meal.
Desserts are not a big part of the meal and most tavernas have a limited dessert menu generally serving fresh fruit, a local liquor or Greek coffee instead. If you are lucky you may get one of the traditional fresh pastries on offer such as Baklava or Gadaifi both very rich desserts dosed with plenty of honey or syrup.
Some tavernas specialise in fish where you can choose your fish from the fridge. Others specialise in Casserole dishes where again you choose your pot and then there are the traditional grillrooms, which generally serve only fresh grilled meat with a variety of side dishes and although they can be basic in design they often offer the best meat and the cheapest way to eat.
Whether you prefer meat, fish or vegetarian food the Greek menu caters amply to all. Most truly traditional fare is in fact vegetarian with a wide range of beans, wild greens, rice and fresh vegetables used. Although vegetarian main courses tend to be limited there are always more than enough starters to go round.
One of the most wonderful ways to wind down and relax is to sit in a seaside taverna next to the clear blue seas under a luminous sky and enjoy your Greek Meze.
Unlike most European menus, greeks do not have set threee course meals. They have anything from one course to twenty courses. You just go through the menu and have one dish (or two) of what you fancy.
Even the smallest bar/restaurant will generally have a menu in English. The menus are often pre printed with a huge choice of dishes seemingly available. However, unless there is a price indicated then the dish will not be available. Local fish, lobster and shellfish are generally sold by the kilo.
Below are some typical costs, for a single dish. A bottle of house wine costs around 8 euros and a glass of house wine costs around 3 euros.
Restaurant In Corfu
Humous 2.50  euros
Taramasalata 2.50  euros
Aubergine Salad 2.50  euros
Tsasiki 2.50  euros
Fried Corgettes 3.50  euros
Fried Aubergine 3.50  euros
Broadbeans in tomato sauce 4.50  euros
Kalamares (squid) 5.00  euros
Sardines 5.00  euros
Village sausage 5.00  euros
Greek Salad 4.50  euros
Bourdetto (fish stew) 7.00  euros
Mousaka 6.00  euros
Sofrito (Veal stew) 10.00  euros
Pastisada (Beef and pasta) 8.00  euros
Briam ( vegetable casserole) 6.00  euros
Chicken Souvlaki 6.50  euros
Village Lamb 12.00  euros
Ice cream 3.00  euros
Baklava 3.00  euros
English is widely spoken in Corfu and Greek is not the easiest of languages to learn however it is always nice and appreciated if you know a few words of Greek. For the keen by far the best way to learn is to first learn the Greek alphabet (found in all phrase books) you will find great satisfaction in understanding the signposts and it will set you well on your way if you intend to learn in more detail.
For those who would like just a few words to help them by here are a few translations to help you.
(ch= pronounced as in Scottish loch)
(th= pronounced as in the)
(o= pronounced as in on)
Good day καλημερα kali mera
Good evening καληδπερα kali spera
Good health (hello/goodbye) γεια δασ yia sas
Please παρακαλω parakalo
Thank you εμχαριδτω evcharisto
Yes ναι ne
No οχι ohi
OK ενταζει entaxi
Good appetite καλη ορεζη kali orexi
The bill ο λογαριαδμοζ to logariasmos
Bread το ψωμι to psomi
Butter το βουτυροζ o voutiros
Salt το αλατι to alati
Pepper το πιπερι to piperi
Oil το λαδι to lathi
Vinegar το ξυδι to xithi
Water το νερο to nero
Wine το κραδι to grasi
Beer η μπυρα e beera
Vegetarian ο Χορτοφαγοζ o chortofagos
Nuts το φυδτικι to fistiki
Flour το αλευρι to alevri
Fried τηγανητοζ tiganitos
Grilled τηζ δχαραζ tis skaras
Meat το κρεαζ to kreas
Fish το ψαρι to psari

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