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Restaurants In Turkey

Try some of the wonderful Turkish cuisine at the many traditional restaurants to be found in the main resorts of Ovacik, Hisaronu and Olu Deniz.
In Ovacik and Hisaronu there is such a wide variety of food, from local street side kebabs shops to restaurants serving international cuisine, In the resort of Olu Deniz the bars and restaurants are concentrated near to the beachfront and serve food all day from breakfast to dinner and from fast food to specialist cuisine. A popular option for evening dining is Calis waterfront (pictured) which has many dining outlets to choose from whilst soaking up the incredible sunsets!
Restaurant In Turkey
Typical dishes include stews, kebabs and the delicious combination of meat and vegetables either in a pitta bread of on a skewer.
There is also a variety of international food in all the nearby towns.
Amongst the most popular Turkish dishes are Kebabs, where meat is coated around a skewer and grilled over a charcoal fire, with a choice of lamb, beef or chicken. Doner kebabs are equally popular and is a dish of beaten pieces of meat seasoned with suet, local herbs and spices, skewered on a spit. Kofke is commonly referred to as meatballs, but they come in all shapes, and is ground meat (usually lamb or mutton) mixed with crumbled bread, minced onions and spices. For vegetable dishes try wrapped vine leaves with a filling or rice, onion and spices (Yaprak Sarma) or Dolma made with dried eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, and courgettes mixed with rice onion and spices.

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