Places Of Interest In Rhodes

The natural beauty of Rhodes and the historical sites makes this Greek Island a popular holiday destination for all types of holiday makers. The appropriately named 'sun island' or 'island of light' offers year round sunshine and activities to suit a range of interests.

Rhodes Old Town This UNESCO world heritage site is a joy to explore. A fantastic feat of medieval architecture, the walled Old Town will make you feel as though you've stepped back in time. See the fascinating Byzantine and Gothic churches, ancient bridges and countless little alleys. After a busy afternoon wandering, recharge in one of the many cafes or ice creams shops.

Lindos Acropolis The magnificent Acropolis dates back to the 6th century BC. It sits on a cliff above Lindos and can be visited by foot, or even by 'Lindian Taxi' (a donkey)! See the remains of the Temple to Athena Lindia and the ancient columns that stand tall and proud. The views out to see are also spectacular.

St Paul's Chapel On the stunning St Paul's Bay, near Lindos, sits one of the most charming chapels in all of Rhodes. In an idyllic location overlooking the bay, the chapel was unsurprisingly a popular wedding venue. Nowadays, you can admire the chapel as you swim in the bay - don't forget your camera!

Kallithea Springs If you’re in need of total relaxation, head to these impressive thermal springs, just a short drive from Rhodes Town. Originally opened in 1929 and used by the Italians, the springs have since been restored to a very high standard. Enjoy the luxurious grounds of landscaped gardens, spacious patios and of course, bathe in the spring water.

Tsambika Monastery After a lengthy climb up 350 steps, you'll reach the tiny, Byzantine church. It's perched high at almost 800 feet and offers remarkable coastal views, both north over Kolymbia and south over Tsambika Beach and Lindos.

Valley of the Butterflies Set in an idyllic location surrounded by hills, trees and streams, this beautiful valley offers a treat for visitors. Colourful butterflies fill the valley from June to September each year. You can stand and admire this natural phenomenon and if you stay still enough, a butterfly may even land on you!

Seven Springs The natural beauty of the Seven Springs in Kolymbia are well worth experiencing. Shaded by pine trees, you can escape the heat and marvel at these unspoiled springs that flow through a valley into a large lake. You may like to take a refreshing dip in these cool waters, taste the spring water or embark on a hike along the forest trails.

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