Shopping In Croatia

Croatia might not be known as a major shopping destination when it comes to designer names and high street brands but, at its heart, Croatian shopping isn’t really about these things.

In this country of sunshine, natural beauty and antiquity expect good local markets, a trendy arts and crafts scene and a thriving natural cosmetic industry. Keep your eyes peeled around Croatia’s open air markets and specialist shops and you should come home with truly unique souvenirs.

You will also find that Croatia has many excellent wine shops and fresh fish, while local vegetables and meats are never too hard to find either. Take a look at our Local Food page for creative ideas on how to fill the fridge in your villa in Croatia.
Shopping In Croatia

Shopping in Istria
Istria, with the city of Pula and town of Rovinj, offers a variety of shopping choices from quirky flea markets to stylish boutiques and local craft shops. For regular daily goods you may find supermarkets like Mercator and Lidl handy options.
The main shopping street in Pula is Flanaticka Ulica and you can buy everything there from shoes and clothes to cosmetics and perfume. The street is completely pedestrianised, which makes it a great place to take the kids. Stop for a traditional Croatian coffee at one of the trendy coffee bars that line the street.
Visit the heart of Pula for some marvellous shopping at the city’s Central Market. Boasting more than 60 shops and stalls as well as Istria’s largest fish market, this is a splendid place to soak up the lively atmosphere of a Croatian city. Look out in particular for the beautiful flowers on show, which will make a lovely addition to the kitchen table in your villa.
In nearby Rovinj, you can seek out clothes, souvenirs and fresh local food on the busy shopping street of Carera Ulica. For a more authentic Croatian shopping experience head for the Green Market in Rovinj, where along with fresh fruits and vegetables you can buy small souvenirs, natural cosmetics and locally produced liqueurs and wines.
For some beautiful jewellery and metalwork try shopping in the charming Old Town of Porec. You could also look for olive oil, honey and Croatian fruit brandy in Porec’s local market.
Tisaks in Croatia
These small stands are often located at train, bus and ferry stations and they sell everything from newspapers and batteries to soft drinks and local bus tickets. They are usually open late and perfect if you want to pick up small essentials to bring back to your villa.
While there aren’t endless opportunities to knock something off the price of products you buy in Croatia, storeowners and stallholders will consider discounts if you are paying in cash. By all means negotiate, but don’t expect a better deal everywhere you go!

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