Restaurants In Croatia

Dining out in croatia can be a real culinary adventure. Dining out is a way of life for the Cypriots so the standard and quality of restaurants is generally high.If you’re familiar with Greek cooking, that’s a good introduction, but prepare yourself for some deliciously exotic twists. Unlike most European menus, Cypriots do not normally have a set three-course meal.

They have anything from one course to twenty courses. You just go through the menu and have one dish (or two) of what you fancy. Meze (as it is called) is the ideal way to sample many local specialities all at the same time! A meze is an assemble of as many as 30 small dishes of food that comprise one single meal.
Restaurant In Croatia
A useful tip is to not eat too much at first, have a gap between dishes and, most of all, take your time and enjoy it with a local glass, or two, of the village wine. Cypriots cook with less oil than their Mediterranean neighbours and their diet is a healthy one, apart from their love of syrup soaked pastries!
Cypriot tavernas are a class unto their own. Ranging from very basic little places by the sea or up in the mountains with a limited but usually very fresh home cooked menu to huge establishments with large menus, live music and on occasion dancing the general theme is the same. Good food, good company, and a general good time.
Desserts are not a big part of the meal and most tavernas have a limited dessert menu generally serving fresh fruit, a local liquor or Greek coffee instead. If you are lucky you may get one of the traditional fresh pastries on offer such as Baklava or Gadaifi both very rich desserts dosed with plenty of honey or syrup.
Even the smallest bar/restaurant will generally have a menu in English. The menus are often pre printed with a huge choice of dishes seemingly available. However, unless there is a price indicated then the dish will not be available. Local fish, lobster and shellfish are generally sold by the kilo.

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