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3 holiday breakfast ideas for a Tenerife self-catering getaway

Posted on Oct 05 2017

by Imogen Bishop

The Canary island of Tenerife is synonymous with tremendous views made for feasting upon. Next time you’re visiting this beguiling part of the world, why not pair such scenery with a mouth-watering breakfast that would make the locals proud? On a self-catering getaway, you can bulk buy local ingredients, develop new cooking skills and then immerse yourself in the island’s cuisine.

Experiencing regional delicacies is a sure-fire way to soak up a destination’s culture. Not only that, you’ll save yourself some euros to spend on Tenerife’s wealth of attractions. Go on, give those taste buds a tickle and make yourself one of these three tasty holiday breakfast ideas.



Image by subherwal, used under CC License (CC by 2.0

Imagine you’re enjoying a villa holiday in Tenerife with the rolling hills on one side and tranquil beaches on the other. As you turn your head, the sun gently rises over the colossal Teide National Park. Now’s the perfect time to ditch the typical British toast and whip up some churros – a traditional Spanish delicacy similar to a doughnut.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill fairground snacks, far from it. It’s not uncommon for natives here to have them for breakfast – now you can too. Making your own is both fun and easy to do. On top of that, you’ll be left with plenty of ingredients leftover to make them all over again.

All you need for this is some butter, plain flour, baking powder and sunflower oil. For dipping, make your own chocolate sauce with some dark chocolate and cream to kickstart your day in a succulent manner. Spice this breakfast up with a bit of nutmeg or vanilla extract. Kick back and get stuck into your churros with a barraquito – a famous regional coffee to make you feel truly Canarian.

Canarian fruit salad

Image by Stephen Luke, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Tenerife is a tropical island so the supermarket shelves here are often lined with fresh fruits. For the ultimate Canarian fruit salad, grab some pineapples, watermelon, bananas, mangoes, kiwis and custard apples. You’ll also need some locally produced yogurt and honey. Whip it all together, then voila – you’ve got a healthy breakfast that is almost as exotic as the island itself.

Honey production on Tenerife is actually a speciality. The island even has its own honey museum, La Casa de La Miel, or The House of Honey, that will show you exactly why Tenerife’s honey so highly regarded, making it the perfect accompaniment to your fruit salad.

Gofio with hot milk and sugar

Image by Marius Brede, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Gofio is one of Tenerife’s much-loved specialities. It dates back hundreds and hundreds of years to the island’s original inhabitants, the Guanches. Made from finely milled, ground and toasted cereal grains, this local delicacy is also a highly nutritious flour. Mix it with a few teaspoons of it with yoghurt to give you for a few extra vitamins and energy for the day.

Add two teaspoons of gofio to a glass of hot milk with a spoonful of sugar or honey. It is a quick, simple and filling breakfast to make, helping you to live like a local and teeing you off for a day of discovery.

Hungry? Turn your food fantasies into a reality and look at some Villa Plus offerings on the island.

Imogen Bishop is a part time travel writer, part time restaurant critic, and full-time mum. She has an affinity for Mediterranean cuisine and can usually be found in the kitchen with a bottle of olive oil in hand. 

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