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Travel Tips - Booking Early #ABTAearlybird

Posted on Jan 16 2015

As full ABTA members, we wanted to share the latest promotion from the UKs largest travel association and let everyone know about the benefits of booking your holiday early!

Booking early, particularly in January and February has many advantages:

- Cheaper prices - it's no secret that at this time of year, there are fantastic flight and travel deals available, all helping to reduce the total cost of your holiday

- Lots of choice - the earlier you book, the less likely it is that somebody will book the villa that is right for you!  More importantly, if you have to travel during certain dates, it is crucial to book sooner rather than later...

- Supply & demand - remember that it isn't just the UK market looking at travelling.  There is competitive pressure on booking villas and flights, with only a limited number available

- Buy now, pay later - you do not have to pay the full amount right now.  In fact, at Villa Plus the full amount isn't due until 12 weeks before you travel, making it easy to schedule and plan your finances

- Pre-book flight seats - we know how important it is for families and friends travelling together, wanting to sit together.  By booking early, you have the opportunity to pre-book seats and ensure that you are sat with your loved ones.

- Something to look forward to! - Last, but by no means least, one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to start dreaming about your upcoming summer holiday!

For more information, head to the ABTA website and check out more on the #ABTAearlybird campaign.


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