Places Of Interest In Turkey

Our Turkey villa selection is concentrated on the Mediterranean coastline, close to the town of Fethiye and the photogenic resort of Olu Deniz. The resorts offer visitors excellent family villa holidays at a cost less than similar resorts in EU countries. This pretty coastal region provides great beaches, lively resorts and stunning beaches... and of course villas!


Located on the Southern coast of the island, Kalkan is a traditional and scenic resort boasting fabulous views over the bay and marina from the village. The cobbled streets are lined with shops, cafes and restaurants galore selling everything from shoes to spices, ceramics to clothes, handbags to hand crafted souvenirs where you can enjoy a bit of retail therapy and a bite to eat as you admire the views over the water and boats.

Nightlife in Kalkan is laid back but you will be spoilt for choice of places to eat or bars where you can enjoy a cocktail or two! Enjoy an evening meal as you watch the sun set over the water - a photographers paradise!


Kas - pronounced Kash - is on the Southern coast of Turkey, around 45 minutes drive from the village of Kalkan. The drive around the coast from one resort to the other provides beautiful scenery, and also notice the tombs carved out of the rocks!

Kas has a few large supermarkets to choose from as well as a wealth of boutiques and restaurants by the marina, where you can catch a boat ride back to Fethiye. Diving facilities can also be found.


Patara, on the Southern coast of Turkey, around 30 minutes West of Kalkan, is rumoured to be the birth place of Apollo and St. Nicholas! A day trip to Patara offers the chance to combine history with horseback riding for riders of all ages and capabilities along the 22 kilometers of white beaches, as well as sand surfing.

Much of the city of Patara remains buried in sand, which has helped to preserve many of the ruins. Of particular interest are the Amphitheatre, Necropolis and the monumental gate or Arch of Triumph.

Patara also has a choice of fantastic traditional restaurants and a marvellous sandy beach.


Similar to the neighbouring village of Ovacik, Hisaronu is situated amidst beautiful scenery at the bottom of a mountain. About 15 years ago there were only a few houses but now it is an established family summer holiday destination. Alongside beautiful views and some wonderful countryside Hisaronu has a lively atmosphere, full of shops, bars and restaurants, offering a wide selection of both traditional and international cuisine.

For getting about try the cheap and regular dolmus service, the resorts of Olu Deniz, Fethiye and Calis are only a short distance away.


Calis is a very popular holiday resort and is part of Fethiye, who's centre lies to the South side of Fethiye bay, while Calis sits on the East side. Calis is reported to have around 300 days of sunshine per year, enough for any sunworshipper!

The pedestrianised Calis promenade is lined from one end to the other with restaurants serving tasty Turkish cuisine and International favourites, as well as being a great place to watch the fabulous sunsets.

Travelling between Calis and Fethiye is a lovely experience, take a Calis water taxi that leaves from the canal just behind the seafront. There are plenty of excursions to be enjoyed around Calis including numerous boat trips departing from the seafront. For getting about by road try the cheap and regular dolmus service, Hisaronu is only a short distance away.

Ovacik Overlooked by the Babadag Mountain, surrounded by lush pine forests and offering distant views of the sea at Olu Deniz. Ovacik is predominantly residential, with many  villas and apartments in a quiet area yet within easy walk of restaurant and bars.
Ovacik is relaxed with Villas spread to the back of the long, and restaurant lined, main road leading from Fethiye to Olu Deniz beach. With excellent transport links to the busy resort of Hisaronu (5 minutes), Olu Deniz beach (10 minutes) or Fethiye Town (20 minutes), it’s an ideal base from which to easily explore the region or simply lay back and enjoy the surroundings – should you choose to leave the comforts of your private villa.

Kayaköy translates from the Turkish to mean Rock Village! It is nestled between the resorts of Fethiye (approx. 8km) and Hisarönü (approx. 3km) so a visit to this amazing place is a must. Why not hire a car or use the local transport? (including horseback!)

Kayaköy, or Levissi as it was known to its’ former inhabitants, was a Greek town until 1923, when the multinational Ottoman Empire drew to a close.

Once the Greek orthodox inhabitants moved out, the Muslim Macedonians moved in, but as the land was not as fertile as what they were used to, they too abandoned Kayaköy for other regions. Decades of neglect in addition to the big earthquake of 1957 that shook the region hard, has left Kayaköy what it is today. In it’s heyday, Kayaköy was populated enough to support a local newspaper, several schools and several stores, but today there is only a handful of natives living there, mostly in the neighbourhood of Keçiler about 2 km North of the 'ghost town' of Kayaköy.


Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs

Carved into the cliffside above Fethiye town is a group of ancient Lycian tombs that have become some of Fethiye’s most famous landmarks. Set higher than the rest, the most important of the tombs was built in 350 B.C.
The entrance to the Tomb was carved out of the rock so as to look like a temple portico, with two Ionic-style columns topped by a triangular pediment. Grave robbers appear to have broken into the tomb a long time ago, as is clear from the missing panel in the bottom-right-hand side of the doorway.

About 500 meters down and to the right (East) is a cluster of several smaller tombs carved into the cliff face; very little is known about the identities of those buried here.

In addition to seeing the tombs themselves, visitors who make the hike up will be rewarded with fabulous views of the town and the surrounding coastline. The best time to visit (and consequently the busiest) is at sunset.
The Lycian tombs are reached by a rather steep climb up from behind Kaya Caddesi, first via a road and then via a long series of stone steps cut into the hillside. You can view the tombs from a distance without paying the entrance fee, but to see the Tomb from up close, you’ll need to buy a ticket for just 5 TL !!

Dalyan Lycian Rock Tombs Dalyan is a sleepy fishing village where life revolves around the meandering fresh water river. Up stream you will find the mudbaths and as you sail back downtream, look up to the right and you will see Dalyan’s ancient Lycian Rock tombs which are magnificently carved up high into the rocks, facing the Dalyan Village.  These tombs go back thousands of years and it is said the higher one was buried in these tombs indicated how rich they were. In Dalyan the tombs are too high up to get to, unlike the tombs of Fethiye where you can actually walk up to the tombs and marvel at the great views over Fethiye town, Marina and islands ahead.
Gocek This was once a small farming village now transformed in to one of the top yachting destinations in Turkey. Gocek is popular with boating types who come here to moor in the excellent marina. It is a charming resort situated in a valley surrounded by hills covered with pine trees and it has a great choice of boutique shops and exclusive restaurants to satisfy its clientele.

Fethiye is a traditional market town set around a beautiful natural harbour. It is a large centre for scuba diving, and daily boat trips taking visitors around its stunning coastline, one of the most popular being the twelve islands boat trip which tours the beautiful coves of Fethiye with breaks for lunch and swimming. 

There is a good variety of shops here, with many found in the narrow streets of the bazaar area, Paspatour, and at evening time the area comes alive with a multitude of Turkish bars and live music.

Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz is a hugely photogenic resort, backed by dramatic pine-clad hills. The stunning lagoon is a protected area, ensuring its natural beauty is preserved. There is a small entrance charge to use the lagoon beach and only non-motorised watersports are allowed. The main beach is a long stretch of coarse sand and shingle.

There are a number of relaxing bars and restaurants, serving local and international cuisine, plus shops stay open late with plenty of resort amenities available, making it a perfect family resort.

As for excursions boats depart from the beach for trips along the picturesque coast. Paragliding is also a big attraction here with the descent from the mountains  and landing on Belcegiz beach being a very popular adrenaline-filled early morning excursion.

Ephesus Ephesus: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and considered the best-preserved classical city possibly in Europe, Ephesus was once the capital of The Roman province of Asia with over quarter of a million inhabitants. It took 150 years to excavate and includes a temple devoted to the fertility goddess, Artemis, the marble-lined Curetes Way, the Library of Celsus and many more amazing insights into the lives of the city's inhabitants.
Dalyan Mud Baths

Cruise down the peaceful Dalyan Delta where the famous 'African Queen' was filmed, passing the ancient rock tombs of Caunos, then onto the mud bath. Believed to rejuvenate the skin by wallowing in the natural sulphur mud baths, Dalyan is a must. After lunch there is an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing swim in fresh or salt water at the spectacular sandy beach.

The beach is also one of the last nesting places of the endangered Caretta turtles with their large heads and reddish brown shells that come to Iztuzu Beach to nest from May to September.  

Tlos Lycian ruins

Tlos is an ancient ruined Lycian hilltop citadel, about an hours' drive North of Kalkan. Tlos is said to be one of the most important religious Lycian cities and it is believed people began to settle here more than 4000 years ago!

On the one side of the settlement you have ruins from the Roman era which can be witnessed today by the remains of the Roman stadium strewn around its current laying place in a farmer’s field.

On the other side sitting on the top of the hill are remains of a Lycian fortress. The Ottomans constructed a fort upon the foundations of the fortress. Also on the site are remains of a Roman amphitheatre and a Byzantine Church. So many eras of history in one large open area.


Home of the trout farms. There are a few restaurants here that belong to the trout farms and you can see the fish swimming freely. The water here is the same cold temperatures that you find in the river at Saklikent Gorge. Sit in it if you dare and for those that can brave the cold for 15 minutes, it is said you win a prize!!

Impress the locals and ask for Alabalik…this is Turkish  for trout!!

Yakapark is 1 hour North of Kalkan.

Kekova Sunken City

Around a mile East of Kalkan, Kekova is another gem in the Turkish crown as it is an area of astounding beauty where history mingles with mother nature. The turquoise waters sheltered by Kekova Island hide the hidden city below. A staircase descends into the sea, whole rooms lie submerged whilst others stand proud in shallower water, a testament to past civilizations.

You can arrange tours locally in Kalkan by glass bottomed boat so you can explore from above sea level the ruins of the Sunken City that lies beneath the waters of Kekova Island and the village of Simena. 

Myra & the Church of St. Nick

Everyone should believe in Father Christmas so now is your chance to visit the church where the Real Saint Nicholas once frequented.

Myra is another Turkish City famous for its Lycian Rock Tombs. Astonishingly much of the ancient city remains buried under the modern town, but the theatre and rock tombs have been successfully excavated.

Myra is just over an hours' drive East of Kalkan.

Greek Island of Meis

Meis Island, known as Castellorizo by the Greeks, is only 20 minutes away from Kas town, just South of Kalkan.  This small Greek island  has remained relatively untouched by tourism and is a beautiful and charming island to visit. Trips are available most days sailing from Kas.

Sakikent Gorge

A holiday to Kalkan would not be complete without making  time to visit the natural attraction of the Saklikent Gorge. Saklikent - meaning Hidden City - is where you can experience cold water and cooler air even on the hottest days of the year!

There are many stories as to how long the gorge actually is and the Saklikent National Park Authority does not state its complete length but around 4km of the canyon is accessible to able walkers, once you have waded through waist high cold water that is!!

For those who don’t fancy the cold water or lengthy walk, there are restaurants on the side of the river before you get to the gorge. These restaurants are a bit different to the resort of Kalkan as they have built platforms over the river which some have nicknamed 'daisies'.

There is also an opportunity for those who are more daring to go on the ringos that take you down the rapids of the lower river that streams down from the gorge.

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